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Spanish Panel Presentation on Underage Drinking a Success

Finney County Community Health Coalition collaborates with other agencies on successful Spanish Panel Presentation on Underage Drinking

Date: 4/24/2007

Posted by Preferred Family Healthcare on 5/31/2007

Sixty-seven (67) parents and kids attended the Spanish presentation on Tuesday, April 24th, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the Salvation Army.  A panel of Spanish-speaking professionals covered consequences of underage drinking that range from effects on the brain and body to legal ramifications.  They also addressed possible solutions and resources that can help with the problems associated with underage drinking.  Following the presentation, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and take part in discussions. ·         Adolescent brain & effects of alcohol        --Dr. Edgar Vizcaino, M.D., AHMC,  covered  in his presentation;·         Resources & services available to families and youth such as the Family Impact Team (& Spanish parenting classes, etc) –Robert Gonzales, Youth Services Family Impact Team Officer, ·         Laws on underage drinking and legal consequences which may include fines and arrest (& Social Host Law)--Robert Kennington, Attorney, KS Legal Services;·         Personal consequences like being a victim of sexual assault or rape and other forms of violence while under the influence of alcohol.  (Can also include, unwanted pregnancies, STDs, HIV and hepatitis.)·         Peer pressure to drink·         How parental attitudes influence kids decision not to drink This event was a collaboration of these agencies: Salvation Army, Area Mental Health Center, Kansas Legal Services, Youth Services, Finney County Community Health Coalition and Southwest Kansas Regional Prevention Center.