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Mexican-American Ministries receives grant money

Despite state budget cuts, the United Methodist Mexican-American Ministries received the same amount of grant money this year.

Date: 7/9/2009

Posted by United Methodist Mexican American Ministries on 7/9/2009

Published 6/25/2009 in Local News

By RACHAEL GRAY   rgray@gctelegram.com


The KDHE gave $315,000 in primary care and $40,000 in prescription assistance through a grant for primary care clinics.

KDHE Secretary Roderick Bremby announced $6.3 million in primary care center grants that help Kansans, many with no health insurance, receive medical care.

In 2008, nearly 180,000 Kansans received health care at a state-funded primary care clinic. Nearly 60 percent of the patients were uninsured and more than 65 percent were in households that earn less than the federal property level, according to the KDHE.

Stephanie Waggoner, executive director of the United Methodist Mexican American Ministries, said that the grant means a lot especially this year because of statewide budget cuts.

She said the KDHE looked at the programs and weighed in the amount of traffic at the United Methodist Mexican-American ministries.

"The grant is important because it allows us to provide assistance to everyone who comes through the door," she said.

Waggoner said the annual grant helps operating costs so that the staff can provide more care. The grant helps to provide patients with medical care that includes dental.

"We're going to be able to provide the families with the same care and services," she said.

The grant money the United Methodist Mexican-American Ministries received will be divided between the ministries of Grant, Seward, Ford and Finney counties.

Hamilton County's Hamilton Family Practice and Greeley County Health Services received a shared grant of $120,000 for primary care services.