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Suspected Apraxia and Early Intervention Workshop

Guest CARI EBERT MS, CCC-SLP, pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, Kansas City. Assessment of CAS, Diagnosis, Therapy and Documentation. CEU's available.

Date: 9/25/2013

Posted by Russell Child Development Center on 6/12/2013

What you will learn:

Describe how to recognize the characteristics of CAS

Develop the ability to differentially diagnose suspected CAS from

language delay, autism spectrum disorder, dysarthia, and a phonological impairment

Acquire practical and effective strategies for treating toddlers with suspected CAS

Gain deeper understanding of the importance of partnering with families throughout the

early intervention process to maximize each child’s potential

Recognize the academic issues associated with CAS

Outline methods for creating functional IFSP outcomes

For more information: http://www.rcdc4kids.org/rcdc/RCDC_files/Final%20Apraxia%20Brochure.pdf