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Red Flag Campaign

GCCC Student Government Association, Family Crisis Services and Finney County Health Coalition-Violence Prevention Initiative team up to raise awareness.

Date: 11/10/2015


As an outcome of being selected for Violence Prevention Scholarships, three GCCC employees attended the Kansas Sexual and Domestic Violence Conference in Topeka and became inspired to make something happen on their campus.  In collaboration with our initiative, Family Crisis Services, Red Flag Campaign.org and GCCC Student Government Association; GCCC sponsored Red Flag events on October 21, October 28 and October 31 to encourage students to notice signs of dating violence and intervene.  More than 750 students participated by writing their idea of a “red flag” in a relationship on flags that were distributed around campus.  GCCC plans to hold several red flag events throughout the school year to raise awareness and increase bystander intervention on campus.   This event, along with others, is in response to concerns from college students and coaches wanting programs and resources for domestic violence and sex offender treatment