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Since 1931... Our Mission We extend the healing ministry of Christ by caring for those who are ill and by nurturing the health of the people in our communities. Our Vision Centura Health will fulfill a covenant of caring for our communities with excellence and integrity to become their partner for life.


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St Catherine Hospital

Our Hospital

For more than eighty years, St. Catherine Hospital's mission has been to serve families with quality health care in a Christian environment wherein the healing of the whole person can take place.
The curative power of genuine caring is an integral part of health care delivery at St. Catherine Hospital. We believe that the improvement of a patient's condition goes beyond the every day administering of medication, treatment and evaluation. And in keeping with this philosophy our highly qualified physicians, nurses and staff provide quality medical attention and genuine caring.
Our Core Values, which serve as our guiding principles, are the basis for every activity and decision made at St. Catherine Hospital.



In serving our customers, their families and each other, we will:
  • Honor the individuality of each person.
  • Treat each person with dignity, taking the time to be present, to listen, to explain and to understand.
  • Create a caring environment that exudes humanity, humility, grace and love.


In working with each other, we will:
  • Encourage and value the contributions of each person, and make each feel supported, reassured and empowered.
  • Listen well, communicate openly and honestly, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves, relating so well with them that they actively seek to associate with us.


In all of our interactions, we will:
  • Foster trust by being truthful, empathetic and consistent.
  • Be authentic and courageous, aligning what we are thinking, saying, feeling, and doing.
  • Be responsible for and follow through on the commitments we make.


In honoring the missions, ministries, and heritages of our Catholic and our Adventist sponsors, we will:
  • Add meaning and purpose to the lives of our associates, physicians, and partners.
  • Celebrate the role of spirituality in healing for each individual.
  • Serve each other and our communities in harmony with the inclusiveness, wholeness and touch that characterized Christ's healing ministry.


In managing the natural, human, and financial resources to which we have been entrusted, we will:
  • Seek ways to appropriately utilize resources, allowing us to become more effective and productive.
  • Act responsibly, taking only those actions that align with our mission.
  • Be accountable to the organization and to each other for our actions and the outcomes they produce.


In seeking to grow our ministry, we will:
  • Look beyond the challenges of the present and envision what is possible.
  • Cultivate and reward innovation and risk taking.
  • Embrace continuous learning and positive technological advancement.


In all we do, we will:
  • Put forth our personal and professional best, providing the highest quality of care of which we are capable.
  • Commit ourselves to continuous improvement, seeking to set the recognized performance standards within our industry.
  • Deliver a superior experience for all of our customers, sensing their needs and exceeding their expectations.
 Our History
You can get to know a lot about people by knowing where they come from, what they believe and what is important to them. The same is true for organizations.

St. Catherine Hospital was founded by two pioneering physicians and the Dominican Sisters over 70 years ago. They created and maintained the spirit that has enabled St. Catherine Hospital associates to develop a growing health care facility unlike any other in southwest Kansas.

Dr. O.W. Miner and Dr. Charles Rewerts opened a one-room Garden City Clinic in 1923. By 1931, capacity had grown to 45 beds and the Sisters of St. Dominic in Great Bend, Kansas, purchased the clinic to care for patients and run St. Catherine Hospital. In 1996, St. Catherine Hospital became an affiliate of Catholic Health Initiatives, the largest Catholic not-for-profit health organization in the country.

St. Catherine Hospital is licensed for 132 beds and is a JCAHO-accredited regional health care center. Much has changed from its 1923 beginnings. One can only imagine how awestruck the founding physicians would be by the technology and sophistication perhaps only dreamt of in their early days on the Kansas plains.

As a health care leader, St. Catherine Hospital was one of the first in the state to establish a Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Mobile Lithotripsy. A state-of-the-art CAT Scanner. PET Scanner, and MRI facility provide quality diagnostic services. Our growing active medical staff currently includes specialists in family practice, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pathology, pediatrics, podiatry, psychiatry, pulmonary medicine, oncology, radiology, general and thoracic surgery, and urology.

Educational affiliations include: Fort Hays State University School of Radiologic Technology; student affiliates from Wichita State University and Colby Community College in physical therapy; surgical and internal medicine residents, students, and nurse practitioner students from the University of Kansas; respiratory therapy students from Seward County Community College; pharmacy affiliates from the University of Kansas; Fort Hays State University and Kansas Newman College nursing programs; and the Garden City Community College School of Nursing. Garden City is also one of six training sites for the University of Kansas' Primary Care Education Program.

St. Catherine Hospital has a mission to heal and promote good health -- a mission of excellence that is the strength of our medical community.